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Find Fintech Investment Opportunities, Fast

TwentyFold's search tools go beyond the basics. Our platform is designed specifically for the complexities of fintech, allowing you to unlock insights that traditional search engines can't. TwentyFold gives you the X-ray vision into the portfolios of thousands of fintechs. Use this insight to:

  • Natural Language Search: Ask questions like you would of a colleague. For example, "Which fintechs offer cross-border payments solutions for e-commerce in Southeast Asia?".
  • Deep Filtering: Combine keywords, taxonomy terms, geographic locations, funding rounds, and more to create hyper-targeted results.
  • Data Transparency: Our "View Source" feature shows the origin of each data point and its last update, ensuring you can trust what you see.
  • Target Investors: See who's funding companies similar to yours, at your stage, and in your region.
  • Competitive Intel: Track the investments of rival funds or strategies.
  • Market Trends: Analyze which fintech sectors and business models are attracting the most capital.

I do a lot of sourcing in this sector, and a lot of it is searching keywords. To be able to search within TwentyFold, a platform calibrated for this specific industry, is huge.

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Fintech Investor Gains Complete Market Visibility

A Venture Capital Firm faced challenges in identifying all potential investment opportunities due to the fast-paced nature of the industry. The firm’s investor was concerned about missing out on promising startups and falling behind competitors.