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VC Firm Streamlines Fintech Founder Discovery with TwentyFold’s Precision People Search


A principal at a prominent venture capital firm focused on early-stage tech companies was seeking to identify promising fintech founders. This individual often looked for specific backgrounds and areas of expertise. Traditional methods, like LinkedIn, proved inefficient and offered limited results. Twentyfold’s f intech-focused people search tools, including filters for stealth-mode professionals, past employment, and education, enabled the principal to quickly and accurately identify top talent for potential investments.

Company Type: A venture capital firm focused on early and growth-stage companies.


  • Manual Talent Search: Relying on general professional networking sites for identifying fintech founders with specific profiles was tedious and timeconsuming.
  • Limited Candidate Pool: Standard tools couldn’t pinpoint founders working in stealth mode, or easily f ilter results based on highly specialized criteria.
  • Hidden Talent Overlooked: Promising founders might be missed due to the difficulty of pinpointing niche backgrounds and experience.


  • Twentyfold’s People Search: The platform’s database of fintech professionals, combined with granular filters, allowed the principal to target founders matching specific criteria.
  • Stealth Mode Insights: Twentyfold’s unique tracking of stealth-mode fintechs provided the principal with an early look at potential future leaders.
  • Tailored Results: Search filters for past employment at successful fintechs and relevant university backgrounds ensured the principal found the most qualified candidates.


  • Accelerated Founder Discovery: Twentyfold significantly reduced the time spent sourcing potential fintech founders.
  • Expanded Talent Pipeline: Access to stealthmode founders and niche-specific filtering broadened the pool of promising investment candidates.
  • Competitive Edge: Identifying top-tier talent early provided the venture capital firm with a distinct advantage in the competitive fintech investment landscape.
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We spend a lot of time manually searching for fintech founders who meet specific criteria – past experience, stealth-mode work, or particular educational backgrounds. We haven’t found a product that helps us do this – until TwentyFold.


Prominent Venture Capital Firm focused on early-stage tech companies