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Fintech Investor Achieves Complete Market Visibility with TwentyFold


A Venture Capital Firm specializing in earlystage investments in the financial technology sector faced challenges in identifying all potential investment opportunities due to the fast-paced nature of the industry. The firm’s investor was concerned about missing out on promising startups and falling behind competitors.

Company Type: A Venture Capital Firm specializing in early-stage investments in the financial technology sector.


  • The Fear of the Missing Out: In the dynamic world of fintech, the investor worried about the possibility of overlooking a ground-breaking startup that might hold immense investment potential.
  • Competitive Pressure: The knowledge that peers might be aware of companies they weren’t created a sense of competitive disadvantage.
  • Inefficient Data Hunting: Traditional research methods were time-consuming and didn’t guarantee comprehensive coverage of the fintech market.


  • TwentyFold’s Unmatched Search: Powerful search tools, combined with granular filtering, allowed the investor to pinpoint fintechs based on highly specific criteria.
  • Deep Fintech Taxonomy: TwentyFold’s classification system, designed specifically for fintech, enabled the investor to drill down into niche business models and market segments that generic tools would miss.
  • Uncovering Hidden Gems: The platform’s vast database and intuitive interface empowered the investor to unearth lesser-known fintechs with transformative potential.


  • No Stone Unturned: Twentyfold gave the investor the confidence that they had considered every relevant fintech player, regardless of size or visibility.
  • Proactive Deal Sourcing: The ability to uncover early-stage innovators put the firm in a prime position to capitalize on emerging trends.
  • Data-Driven Authority: Comprehensive market insights bolstered the investor’s contributions to industry discussions and solidified their expertise.
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It is not acceptable not to be aware of a company, especially if your peers know them. TwentyFold’s platform provides the depth and precision to ensure we leave no stone unturned in our search for the next big thing.

Fintech Investor

A Venture Capital Firm specializing in early-stage investments