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This VC Analyst Just Found Your Fintech Competition


A venture capital analyst at a fintech-focused investment firm needed a fast and reliable way to map competitive landscapes within specific fintech sectors. Existing data tools were either too broad or poorly organized, making it difficult to quickly identify comparable companies. TwentyFold’s fintech-focused taxonomy and powerful search functionality provided the analyst with the clarity and precision needed to streamline their analysis.

Company Type: A venture capital firm focused on fintech investments.


  • Inefficient Competitive Analysis: Identifying companies with similar business models to a target ‘Fintech X’ was inefficient and laborintensive.
  • Limited Fintech Focus: Existing data platforms were not tailored to the unique needs of fintech analysis, making it difficult to categorize and compare companies within niche sub-sectors.
  • Confusing Navigation: General business intelligence tools often have poorly organized fintech classifications, hindering the ability to quickly find relevant companies.


  • TwentyFold’s Fintech Taxonomy: The platform’s classification system, designed by fintech experts, allowed the analyst to drill down into specific business models and market segments.
  • Intuitive Search: Powerful search filters enabled the analyst to pinpoint companies based on funding, partnerships, location, and other vital criteria.
  • Comprehensive Market View: TwentyFold’s vast database ensured the analyst had the widest possible lens on the fintech landscape, minimizing the risk of missing out on relevant companies.


  • Accelerated Market Mapping: TwentyFold significantly reduced the time spent on competitive analysis and company discovery.
  • Deeper Sector Insights: Access to granular f intech data empowered the analyst with a more nuanced understanding of specific market niches.
  • Confident Decision-Making: Thorough market analysis fueled by TwentyFold’s insights bolstered the firm’s investment decisions.
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If I am looking at ‘Fintech X,’ I want to know the 10 companies with similar business models. That takes a lot of time with the tools I typically use. TwentyFold understands the nuances of the fintech landscape, making it easy to find the right comparisons.

Venture Capital Analyst

Venture Capital Firm focused on fintech investments