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Introducing Twentyfold: The VC's Precision Tool for Fintech Intelligence

In our previous blog, we outlined the persistent data problems hindering VC deal flow and analysis. The fintech space is vast and noisy; finding the right needle in the haystack with traditional methods is both costly and frustrating.

That's where TwentyFold comes in.

TwentyFold: Built for the VC Workflow

TwentyFold isn't just another fintech data platform. It's meticulously crafted from the ground up to streamline the specific decision-making process of a VC firm. Here's how it empowers you:

  • Market Maps with X-Ray Vision: Our specialized fintech taxonomy allows you to drill down into sectors in remarkable detail. Quickly identify market gaps, find untapped niches, and uncover potentially disruptive players others are overlooking.
  • Uncover the Hidden Unicorns: Powerful search tools and tailored filtering help you surface early-stage fintechs with high potential. Analyze founders, technology, and traction – the key factors that drive early investment decisions.
  • Accelerate Due Diligence: Spend less time digging for reliable data. TwentyFold centralizes key company information, regulatory insights, and competitor analysis, letting you quickly vet leads or evaluate existing portfolio companies.

Not Just Data, Insights You Won't Find Elsewhere

Twentyfold goes beyond the surface:

  • People Matter: In early-stage deals, the founding team is as important as the product. Deep profiles on fintech leaders and key employees help you assess expertise and spot potential red flags.
  • The Investor Edge: Analyze investor portfolios to understand market dynamics. See who's backing your competitors, and identify potential co-investments or acquisition targets.
  • Data With Provenance: TwentyFold is committed to data integrity. Our 'View Source' feature lets you see where data came from and how recently it was updated, ensuring confidence in your insights.

Beyond the Basics

TwentyFold is designed to integrate seamlessly into your firm's existing research process.

  • Customizable Trackers & Alerts: Stop chasing news. Set up personalized trackers for specific mandates, sectors, or companies, and receive alerts on any new developments.
  • Download Data When You Need It: Export targeted data sets for further analysis or integration into your existing reports and models.
  • Claim & Control Your Profile: Fintech founders, take control of your company's information on Twentyfold to ensure your potential investors are seeing the most accurate picture.

VCs Need a New Toolset

Twentyfold gives VCs the precision tools you need to make smarter investment decisions, and ultimately maximize returns.

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