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LinkedIn's Great, But Fintech Talent Needs a Deeper Dive

Finding the perfect fintech talent takes more than a broad search. TwentyFold deep-dives into the industry, helping you quickly pinpoint the candidates with the precise experience and background your roles demand.

  • Go Beyond the Obvious: Reveal top-tier fintech professionals working on groundbreaking projects, even those in stealth mode, who might not be on traditional platforms.
  • Find Proven Leaders: Pinpoint the individuals behind successful fintech ventures, even if they've moved on to new challenges. Their expertise and insights are invaluable.
  • Tap into Elite Networks: Target individuals with specialized education and experience in niche fintech fields, ensuring they have the specialized knowledge you need.
  • Streamline the Sourcing Process: Eliminate endless scrolling and guesswork with TwentyFold's targeted filters and industry-specific insights.
  • Refine Your Recruitment Strategy: Deliver higher-quality candidates with the specific expertise your clients demand.

TwentyFold empowers you to build a team of innovators and leaders who will propel your business to new heights. Don't settle for a generic search when the right talent is waiting to be discovered.

We spend a lot of time manually searching for fintech founders who meet specific criteria – past experience, stealth-mode work, or particular educational backgrounds. We haven’t found a product that helps us do this – until TwentyFold.


Prominent Venture Capital Firm focused on early-stage tech companies


Precision People Search

A principal at a top venture capital firm sought fintech founders with specific backgrounds and expertise. Traditional methods like LinkedIn were inefficient. Our search tool, with filters for stealth-mode, past employment, and education, quickly identified top talent.