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Global Recruiter Finds the Unfindable in Fintech with TwentyFold

The Customer

A leading global headhunting firm specializing in the placement of top-tier talent within the financial technology sector. The firm has built a reputation for connecting innovative fintech companies with exceptional executives and technical experts. However, the rapid growth and diversification of the fintech landscape presented challenges in efficiently identifying and sourcing the right candidates for increasingly specialized roles. The firm recognized the need for a comprehensive solution to enhance their search capabilities in the competitive talent market.

Company Type: Global recruitment and headhunting firm.

The Challenge

  • Identifying qualified fintech talent: The vast and rapidly evolving fintech landscape made it challenging to pinpoint candidates with the precise skills and experience for niche roles.
  • Staying ahead of the competition: The firm needed to access exclusive insights and data to gain a competitive advantage in the talent market.
  • Efficiently sourcing candidates globally: Traditional search methods were time-consuming and often yielded limited results across diverse geographical regions.

The Solution

  • TwentyFold's fintech taxonomy: The platform's specialized classification system allowed the firm to precisely target candidates based on specific fintech niches, ensuring a higher quality talent pool.
  • Powerful search and filtering tools: TwentyFold's advanced search capabilities enabled the firm to quickly identify candidates with relevant experience, educational backgrounds, and skill sets.
  • Stealth mode and people search: Access to information on stealth-mode startups and comprehensive people profiles gave the firm a unique edge in discovering emerging talent and industry leaders.

The Results

  • Exceptional Candidate Caliber: TwentyFold's access to stealth-mode startups and comprehensive people profiles allowed the firm to identify and attract exceptional candidates with rare and sought-after skill sets, far exceeding the capabilities of traditional search methods.
  • Reduced time-to-hire: TwentyFold's efficient search tools streamlined the sourcing process, enabling the firm to fill positions more quickly and efficiently. Consistently presenting clients with a curated selection of highly sought-after talent before their competitors were even aware of their existence.
  • Long-Term Partnerships: By consistently delivering exceptional, previously undiscovered talent through TwentyFold's platform, the firm solidified its reputation as a trusted partner. This not only deepened existing client relationships but also attracted new clients seeking a competitive edge in the talent market.
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