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Get Funded Faster. Find Investors. Who Believe in You.

As a fintech startup, you know the right investor can transform your trajectory. TwentyFold helps you cut through the noise and reach those who are looking for companies exactly like yours.

Use This Insight To:

  • Target Your Pitch: Forget generic pitches. Find investors actively seeking out your niche, stage, and region.
  • Validate Your Idea: Are others with similar concepts getting funded? Use that as fuel for your pitch deck.
  • Get on the Radar: See who's backing your potential competitors – they might be your future investors, too.
  • Build Warm Connections: Discover investors with a track record of supporting companies similar to yours, making introductions smoother.
Elephant - enormous opportunities

Your Shortcut to Fintech Investors

Finding the right investors is a full-time job in itself. TwentyFold's search tools are specifically designed to streamline the process for fintech startups, helping you uncover and qualify potential funders in record time.

  • Investor Focus: Search directly by the type of investor (Angel, Seed VC, Strategic, etc.) and their investment focus within fintech.
  • Stage Matching: Filter by the funding rounds an investor typically participates in.
  • Location Matters: Target investors focused on your region or those open to cross-border deals.
  • "Invests Like" Search: Find investors who have backed similar startups (sector, business model, even target market).
  • Alerts: Get notified when new investors matching your criteria enter our database, or when your target investors make new investments.
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Understand the Fintech Landscape. Find Your Place Within It.

TwentyFold's taxonomy is your navigation tool for a complex market. Our expert-built system reflects the ways fintechs actually function, helping you quickly understand the competitive landscape, identify potential partners, and refine your own positioning.

  • Market Intel: See who else is solving problems similar to yours, and analyze their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Partnership Potential: Find fintechs offering technologies or services that could complement your solution.
  • Investor Insights: Demonstrate your market knowledge by speaking the same language as fintech-focused VCs.
  • Stand Out: Carve out a clear niche in your sector by understanding the terminology and trends.

As a fintech, I need a way to understand the competitive landscape quickly so I can position my company effectively. We hadn’t found a product that made this process efficient – until TwentyFold.


Cross Border Payments Startup


Startup Finds Ideal Investors with Twentyfold

A fintech founder needed to efficiently identify investors actively seeking companies in their niche and stage. TwentyFold's targeted search tools, with filters for investment history, business model, and geography, streamlined the process.