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Cracking the Competitive Code: How Twentyfold Transformed a Fintech Startup’s Market Strategy


A fintech founder needed a swift and efficient way to understand the competitive landscape to position their company effectively. Traditional methods, such as manual market research and fragmented data sources, were inefficient and resource-draining. TwentyFold’s fintech intelligence platform, with its extensive market insights and competitive analysis tools, enabled the founder to gain a comprehensive understanding of the market swiftly.

Company Type: A fintech startup focused on digital payment solutions.


  • Inefficient Market Research: Traditional methods of gathering market intelligence were slow and labor-intensive, consuming valuable resources.
  • Fragmented Data Sources: Information was scattered across multiple platforms, making it difficult to get a cohesive view of the competitive landscape.
  • Limited Competitive Insights: The lack of detailed insights into competitors’ business models and strategies hindered effective positioning.


  • Twentyfold’s Market Insights: The platform’s comprehensive database provided in-depth profiles of competitors, including their business models, market strategies, and key differentiators.
  • Advanced Filtering and Search: Powerful search tools enabled precise targeting of relevant competitors by industry, region, and business model.
  • Data-Driven Analysis: Offers detailed insights into competitors’ activities, partnerships, and market positions, empowering the founder to make informed strategic decisions.


  • Swift Competitive Analysis: Efforts concentrated on understanding the market landscape quickly, maximizing efficiency and impact.
  • Enhanced Market Positioning: Detailed insights enabled the founder to position their company effectively against competitors.
  • Strategic Advantage: Comprehensive market understanding provided a distinct edge in crafting business strategies and identifying growth opportunities.
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As a fintech, I need a way to understand the competitive landscape quickly so I can position my company effectively. We hadn’t found a product that made this process efficient – until TwentyFold.


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