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Technology Investor Streamlines Fintech Sourcing with TwentyFold’s Specialized Search


A founder of a fintech startup needed a streamlined method to find investors who were actively seeking companies in their niche and stage. Traditional methods, such as generic investor searches, were inefficient and resource-draining. TwentyFold’s fintechfocused investor search tools, including filters for investment history, business models, and geographical focus, enabled the founder to efficiently connect with the right investors.

Company Type: Early-stage startup


  • Inefficient Investor Targeting: Existing tools and networks failed to provide the granularity needed to pinpoint investors actively seeking companies in their specific niche and stage.
  • Time-Consuming Filtering: Generic investor lists and platforms required sifting through countless profiles, leading to wasted time and missed opportunities.
  • Limited Visibility into Investor Preferences: Opaque information on investor preferences hindered outreach effectiveness.


  • TwentyFold’s Investor Database: The platform’s comprehensive database, provided in-depth profiles, including investment stage focus, industry preferences, and portfolio companies.
  • Advanced Filtering and Search: Powerful search tools enabled precise targeting by industry, stage, and more.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Offers insights into investor activity, recent deals, and news, empowering the founder to identify warm leads and tailor their pitch accordingly.


  • Laser-Focused Outreach: Efforts concentrated on high-potential investors, maximizing efficiency and impact.
  • Accelerated Fundraising Process: Significantly reduced time spent on research and unqualified leads.
  • Increased Investor Engagement: Personalized outreach resonated with targeted investors, sparking meaningful conversations.
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As a startup, I need an efficient way to find investors who are actively seeking companies like mine in my niche and stage. Generic investor searches are draining my resources.


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