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Smart Money Moves in Fintech: Insights from Money20/20 Europe

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The discussion, moderated by Matteo Rizzi (FTS GROUP) featuring Lucia Rigo (Generation Investment Management), Sarah Hinkfuss (Bain Capital Ventures), and Sanjot Malhi (Northzone), delved into the dynamics of current investment trends, pinpointing where the "smart money" is making its impact and highlighted that while fundraising may be tougher in today's environment, opportunities still abound:

  • Untapped Verticals: While aspects like funding have become more challenging, new verticals are emerging, networking is easier, and some categories, such as pre-IPO, are more accessible.
  • Unicorn Diaspora as a Talent Solution: The dispersion of talent from established unicorns as a distinct investment opportunity, emphasizing the need for a tailored approach when evaluating these ventures.
  • Talent Shortage as an Ongoing Challenge: The persistent lack of highly skilled talent as a significant hurdle to scaling companies, emphasizing the need for creative solutions to attract and develop specialized expertise.

As Money20/20's fintech intelligence platform, TwentyFold is dedicated to providing the data and insights that drive smarter decision-making in the industry. We recognize that understanding the evolving landscape, from emerging opportunities to persistent challenges, is crucial for investors and innovators alike.

That's why we're excited to continue the dialogue at Money20/20 Las Vegas this October. Join us there for more insightful discussions and opportunities to connect with industry leaders.

Looking forward to seeing you in Las Vegas!

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TwentyFold is an essential tool for our fintech investment team. It allows us to identify high-potential startups, track their progress, and understand the broader competitive landscape.

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