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Money20/20 Europe: "Profitable Camels" Set to Outpace "Flashy Unicorns"

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Money20/20 Europe: "Profitable Camels" Set to Outpace "Flashy Unicorns"

Unicorns are so 2019. At Money20/20 Europe, an interesting take on the future of fintech investment, with "profitable camels" – resilient, sustainable companies – emerging as the new favorites. This eye-opening discussion, featuring Kimberly Ofori, Partner & Director, Future Ventures and interviewed by Ricky Knox, Chairman, Prosper Savings Limited, challenged conventional wisdom and left VCs scrambling to re-evaluate their strategies.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Europe’s technology future is in the hands of camels, not unicorns
  2. VC investors who fail to recognise this will lose out to those who do
  3. In the current market, companies that prioritise sustainable growth and profitability have an edge over those that seek scale above all else

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