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Financial Infrastructure Provider Expands Global Reach with TwentyFold’s Regulatory Insights


A Chief Revenue Officer at a prominent financial infrastructure provider sought to pinpoint regulated fintechs in new markets as the company charted its expansion into the USA and Asia. To effectively target the right partners and clients, the team required a way to rapidly filter fintechs based on specific regulatory licenses and jurisdictions. TwentyFold’s robust search tools and comprehensive regulatory data provided the solution.

Company Type: Financial infrastructure provider for payments and banking solutions.


  • Market Entry Complexity: Entering new regions like the USA and Asia necessitated understanding complex regulatory landscapes and identifying potential partners holding appropriate licenses.
  • Time Constraints: With an ambitious expansion timeline, the team needed an efficient way to discover and vet regulated fintechs.
  • Data Disparity: Relying on fragmented regulatory sources across different countries was slow and unreliable.


  • TwentyFold’s Regulatory Focus: The platform’s database includes detailed regulatory license information for fintechs globally, allowing for searches based on specific licenses and jurisdictions.
  • Customizable Trackers: The team could set up trackers to monitor new fintechs entering the US and Asian markets that obtain relevant regulatory approvals.
  • Centralized Insights: TwentyFold consolidated regulatory data from multiple sources, providing a single, streamlined point of access for market analysis.


  • Accelerated Market Research: TwentyFold’s tools enabled the team to quickly pinpoint regulated fintechs in their target markets, saving valuable time.
  • Strategic Partnerships: Easy identification of qualified fintechs paved the way for establishing compliant and mutually beneficial partnerships.
  • Informed Expansion Strategy: Deep regulatory insights empowered the company with the market intelligence needed to optimize their global growth plans.
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We are expanding into the USA and Asia in 2024. Our core market is serving regulated fintechs, and my teams need to know the fintechs regulated in those regions. TwentyFold gives us the confidence that we're targeting the right partners with the right licenses.

Chief Revenue Officer

from a Next-Generation Payments Bank